Moments of choice


We've all had those moments when we've done something we're not proud of. 
Doesn't have to be a big deal. A cruel word perhaps. An uncharitable thought. A loss of self-control. 
Beating ourselves up about it is pointless. Worse, it reinforces any sense of guilt or shame we might already be tempted to feel.
Even worse than giving ourselves a hard time though is choosing to blame someone or something else for our moment of weakness, or anger, or fear, or hypocrisy. 
Sure, it might cover the uncomfortable feeling up for a short time, but the cost is too high. It deprives us of any opportunity to make amends, to learn, to grow, to teach even.
And it separates us from others when the only sustainable direction for progress is towards collaboration, and the only way to grow is to take responsibility.
Next time you’re unhappy about something you’ve done and you’re tempted to blame:

  • The government
  • A colleague
  • Circumstance
  • The weather
  • Yourself…….

Ask yourself a simple (perhaps not easy) question: How else would I choose to do this next time? 

Then resolve to do that.