This workshop uncovers the true power of our attention and provides simple, practical ways to use it more effectively. The approach combines neuroscience, psychology and the wisdom of ancient philosophy to settle the mind, manage distractions, and direct our attention where it’s most needed.

The benefits are clear and powerful. Participants are given tools to help lower stress levels, increase productivity, boost resilience and become more effective. The impact on each individual and the workplace as a whole is transformative.

Delivered as a full or half day workshop, or a shorter keynote version.

Matt ran a very effective session on attention management with my team. He was able to mix theory, practical examples and exercises very well.

The feedback from participants was excellent and everybody got something useful from both a personal and professional perspective. Matt has a very good, engaging style and can challenge without being pushy.

I would recommend Matt to anyone interested in gaining greater engagement from their workforce.
— Jeremy Goddard - Vice President Enterprise Solutions - Objective Corporation Limited
Yes! My life has already changed. I really hope you know how helpful your session was. I cannot recommend it highly enough and look forward to a follow-up session.
— Jennie Rivera, CBA

Smart Work (ADAPT Training)

Give us a day and we'll give you a month!

How we work and communicate has changed as newer, faster, better technologies have been developed. But for all this technology, we still struggle with the same old issues! 

  • How do we prioritise? 
  • How do we control the deluge of incoming work? 
  • How do we work proactively in a reactive workplace? 

Simply learning how to use tools like MS Outlook does little to harness their potential. To be more productive we must first adopt effective workload management and planning practices and then harness the technology to support those efforts. 

Adapt Training Solutions has developed a powerful method for training people to be more productive. It blends tested productivity enhancing principles with the power and functionality of MS Outlook. We focus on creating real behavioural change with our practical, hands on training.

Delivered as a full or half day workshop. 

This has been absolutely the most effective course I have attended. You will meet some of my direct reports in the next week or so attending the course and I am sure they will come back feeling productive.

Thank you for keeping in touch and sharing information, I will definitely schedule sometime to watch ‘Make it Stick’ videos.
— Sandra Raikuna - Executive Manager - Group Lending Services CBA
Just to let you know that I got heaps out of the course (even though we have been using Outlook for a number of years).

I found the course (including the delivery of the course) to be very VERY beneficial, learnt heaps and am applying heaps.

Thanks once again.
— Lynne Murray - Senior Personal Assistant - Grant Thornton Australia

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