Life is getting busier and more complex, and particularly in the workplace.

Competition’s getting tougher, firms need to do more with less, individuals need to work harder to get ahead, and leaders find it harder to inspire their teams and keep them focussed.  

So we see frustrated and overwhelmed leaders trying to inspire distracted and disengaged staff in corporate cultures full of conflict and discontent.

The results are well documented:

Poor productivity
Unresolved conflict
Low motivation
High staff turnover
Unsustainable levels of stress
Unhappy, unhealthy professionals

While it's important to develop more effective strategies for dealing with this, those alone aren’t enough. Our environment is constantly changing, so one-off attempts to control it just don’t last.

The only sustainable solution is to master the one thing we can control - our Power of Attention.

The quality of our work (and all aspects of our lives) is profoundly linked to the quality of attention we bring to it. Yet, despite being instructed to “pay attention” over and over during our lives, many of us don’t really know how to do that. We’re constantly distracted and often feel helpless or overwhelmed.  

Fortunately there are tangible things we can do to improve our power to attend and to get more stuff done.

Whether you require assistance yourself, or wish to get your team or entire organisation working to their full potential, Matt can help with personal mentoring, inspiring presentations, or hands-on training and ongoing support. 

Thanks for your great presentation to our senior leaders on Wednesday. Of all the external speakers we have had to this forum over the last two years (we try and get one external speaker into each quarterly meeting) yours has had the most positive feedback.
All found it engaging, interesting and importantly thought provoking.
So thanks again.  Sue has already passed your details to a couple of the team for possible presentations to their operational teams.
I’ve also sent your website details to our Group Manager Learning and Development for future reference.
— Ashley Mason - Managing Director - Lend Lease Services