Making mindfulness practical and bringing wisdom to work

From the heart, but for the bottom line.

Matt’s presentations go beyond the buzz word and the cliche. Drawing on a deep philosophical understanding of what’s good for business, yet with a light hearted and practical approach, Matt will entertain you while delivering a meaningful message that will inspire your leaders, ramp up productivity, bring your staff back to life and sow the seeds for a shift in the organisational culture from conflict to collaboration … and beyond.  

Matt is happy to tailor his presentations to address any specific issues facing your audience or conference attendees, but the following generic presentations are already stimulating, entertaining and thought provoking:

Getting your Attention to Work

Uncovers the true power of our attention and provides simple, practical ways to use it more effectively. This approach combines neuroscience, psychology and the wisdom of ancient philosophy to settle the mind, manage distractions, and direct our attention where it’s most needed. 

The benefits are clear and powerful. Participants are given tools to help lower stress levels, increase awareness, boost resilience and become even more effective. The impact on each individual and the workplace as a whole is transformative.

From Conflict to Collaboration

If conflict features just a little too heavily in your organisation then you will both enjoy and benefit from this presentation.  It explores the reasons we tend to fight and identifies some simple and effective strategies for making the most of our competitive impulses and minimising the damage.

We engaged Matt in the first instance to facilitate our Strategic Leadership Team offsite and were very pleased with his approach and the results.

On the back of this success, we have engaged him to assist with other events in order to cascade the same strong messages throughout our business. He is engaging, knowledgeable, and is able to communicate across all levels with clarity and humour.

I would recommend him highly as an engaging and practical facilitator.
— Kerri Ryan - Executive Assistant - ORIX Australia Corporation Limited

What's the buzz around Mindfulness?

Whether you're a convert to the cause or a hardened sceptic, we will engage the help of ancient philosophers, modern neuroscientists, and some of the world's most successful businesses to answer that question once and for all. We will then share practical guidance for gaining control of your power of attention and enjoying immediate positive results. 

Bringing business to life by bringing life to your business!

How to ramp up staff engagement by being just a little more humane.

Bringing Wisdom to Work

Which ancient philosophers can best advise the modern leader?

Matt examines some of the most enduring advice of all time and it's applicability to your business.  

“I know nothing!”

The wisdom of Socrates (in the words of his sidekick Sergeant Schultz) can provide a powerful stimulus to creativity.

If innovation is lacking in your team or business, this presentation will free things up!

Contact Matt for more details about these presentations, or to discuss a particular result you would like to see at your next conference.

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