Wise Leadership

It may be that some leaders are born, but most are made.

It takes more than intelligence and experience to make a true leader. It requires a combination of experience, intention, and certain qualities that everyone recognises when they see them in action, sometimes called Emotional Intelligence, but actually in the realm of Wisdom.

The ancient Greek philosophers knew a great deal about leadership, and they knew that it all began with self-awareness and the ability to lead one's self.

This is the focus of Matt's mentoring programs. Encouraging you to grow in self awareness, and build a foundation based on rock solid principles that will establish your leadership presence and character beyond a shadow of a doubt..

Matt has delivered thousands of hours of coaching and mentoring to senior executives in the Finance, Construction, IT, Manufacturing and Government sectors with tangible results.

We engaged Matt’s services to help us create a mission statement, value set, and establish key responsibilities for myself and my business partner. We needed to be working as effectively as possible to ensure Hunter Burton Capital was moving in the right direction. Matt helped us drill down to our key goals and clarify the things that would have the most impact. We then worked extensively on prioritising the most important tasks.

What I found particularly impressive was Matt’s ability to quickly identify our individual strengths and weaknesses. He used this to help us develop clear action plans that generated some real forward momentum. We’ve continued to meet with Matt and value the perspective he brings to our business. He helps identify activities that have been working and others that may be hindering our development so that we can focus our efforts where they’re most effective.

I have no hesitation in recommending Matt to anyone who could use a little more clarity or focus in their business.
— David Campbell - Founder and Managing Director - Hunter Burton Capital

Are you seeking to acquire:

  • greater control over your career, your job or life itself?
  • clarity about yourself and your place in "the scheme of things"?
  • the confidence to influence your managers, peers, reports (or even your family)?
  • the ability to better manage your emotions?
  • a stable sense of direction or deeper meaning?
  • new and more powerful communication skills?
  • sustainable happiness!
I engaged Matt because I was about to set up a law firm and wanted to adopt some efficient practices from the start. Matt not only showed me how to be efficient but how to eliminate the stress usually associated with a time pressured environment like a law firm.

Matt has completely changed the way I work and the way I manage time. I achieve far more in less time, have less stress in my life and spend more time with my family.
— Stuart Austin - Managing Partner - Omniwealth Legal

The effectiveness of working with an experienced coach in a one-on-one relationship is beyond doubt. Whether it be in a sporting environment, at school or in the workplace, the most effective way to achieve sustainable behavioural change is to work with an experienced coach giving your progress 100% of their attention.  

Matt’s coaching is focused on solutions and results tailored to your individual requirements. It assumes that you are not yet performing to your full potential, and draws on proven philosophical principles, backed up by modern neurological research and the application of positive psychology, to help you realise, and start living up to, that potential. 

Two years ago we commenced a new venture. It was very capital intensive and with the opening delayed by over 3 months, incredible stressful. The stresses on us resulted in total disharmony that threatened the whole direction of the business.

We engaged Matt to identify where these personality conflicts were originating and devise strategies to alleviate them.

Matt met with us together as well as in individual sessions. The strategies he developed were non-confrontational and tailored to each individual. Simple exercises and procedures which, when followed, manifested in a much more harmonious work environment.

Two years on and we are going strong.
— Michael Sheehan - Managing Director - Tailored GraphicZ

Individual Benefits

The individual benefits that may be experienced from coaching include:

  • Solutions to specific development needs.
  • Personal and professional growth.
  • Extension of your natural strengths.
  • Greater behavioural flexibility and hence a greater ability to influence.
  • Improved stress management capability.
  • Ability to communicate more effectively.
  • Operate with greater objectivity and clarity of vision.
  • Learn to respond rather than react.

Organisational Benefits

It’s not surprising that the most successful, sustainable organisations provide executive coaching for their high potential managers. Organisational success is dependent on the quality of the leaders and this shouldn’t be left up to chance.

  • Better retention of high potential individuals.
  • Increased effectiveness of key managers and leaders.
  • Increased employee motivation in a sustainable and cost effective way.
  • Enhance key areas of organisational performance.
  • Reduce unproductive conflict.
  • Stimulate and harness employee creativity.
  • More resilient and dependable leaders.

Coaching programs include a mix of face to face and/or telephone meetings supplemented by email and telephone support as required. They range from 3 months to 12 months in duration and are typically tailored to the specific needs of the team or individual.


Contact Matt to find out more or register for a coaching strategy session to experience the benefits for yourself.

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