Cranky Bastard Syndrome

It’s time to get clear about Cranky Bastard Syndrome.

Over the next few posts we'll focus on:

  • Identifying those most at risk of catching it,
  • understanding how they turn into such Cranky Old Bastards,
  • noticing the symptoms that give them away, and
  • immunising yourself (or your loved ones) against this nasty scourge.

Of course, curing those already affected is an ongoing priority. These Cranky Old Bastards need help to become the Free Wise Men they were always meant to be!

So, let's get started.
Who is your typical Cranky Old Bastard?
Firstly, let's name the elephant in the article. This condition affects both (or is that all?) of the genders. However, our current focus is on the male variety. If you’re not one of them and you’re still reading, chances are you’re living or working with a COB. Please stick with us – it should help!

Typical targets for Cranky Bastard Syndrome are somewhere around 40 to 60 years old. These men are successful by any tangible measure. They may have done well in business or a career, raised a family, earned the respect of others and contributed to their community.

They’ve ticked (most of) the boxes.

However, things are changing. As their kids get older and the workplace gets younger they start to wonder why the fruits of their labours aren’t quite as sweet as they’d expected. They’re looking toward the future and may feel constricted. It doesn’t look as bright as it should considering they’ve worked hard for their freedom. Many feel dissatisfied, frustrated and perhaps even confused.

At best this is simply stressful and disappointing. A short burst of mid-life crisis perhaps.

At worst it gives rise to excessive anger, and even depression, that has a destructive impact on the sufferer, those near and dear to him, and to society.

The good news is that it is curable. Navigating carefully through this uncomfortable stage of life can bring great rewards. The real freedom, satisfaction and happiness we all deserve.

More to follow, but in the meantime, if you come across a COB (perhaps even in the mirror) cut them some slack. They don’t mean it and they will recover.