Cranky Old Bastard

You know the type. Accomplished and successful on the surface but unhappy with the way things are. 

They give more attention to the things that are going wrong than the ones going right.

Criticism comes more easily than compliments and they rely more on control than encouragement to get their way.

In other words – they’re just not as much fun to be around as they used to be.

For some reason they've lost touch with the things that are truly important to them. The joy of living is just a memory and the light at the end of the tunnel looks very small. 

Sadly, Cranky Bastard Syndrome is on the rise.

It harms relationships, reduces enjoyment, and prevents way too much talent, experience and knowledge from being shared with the World.

We need to nip this condition in the bud. For everyone’s sake!

If you're keen to help overcome (or avoid) Cranky Bastard Syndrome, keep your eyes out for the next instalment.