Have you noticed how many more things there are to get irritated by these days? And what is it about your wife and kids. They don’t seem to look at you the same adoring way they used to. Not to mention your employees or those Gen Y kids in the office. Where did they get that sense of entitlement from and where’s the respect for their elders?

Combine that with the way our politicians are managing the country and its no wonder your getting short-tempered, right? I mean, what’s it all coming to?  This is not what you worked so hard for – to see your wealth eroded by the government and the super funds and the rest! So much for easing back a bit and enjoying the next phase of life. It just doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Or is it? Here at Cranky Old Bastards we have developed a ground breaking approach to overcoming Cranky Bastard Syndrome*, recapturing the enthusiasm of your youth, and facing the future with courage, confidence and a new found libido (joie de vivre at least)!

The CoB workshop series has been designed to shine a light on the reasons so many are feeling this way, and to outline practical steps to "recovery". After all, the rest of your life is too short to spend being cranky! 

Join a group of like minded men in lighthearted but targetted discussions, covering such topics as:

  • What, if anything, has gone wrong with the world and what can be done about it?
  • How to negotiate peak hour traffic without losing your temper.
  • Politicians and whether we should respect them.
  • Families (enough said).
  • Dealing with the younger generations.
  • What am I going to do when I can't play golf?

Don't let the approach fool you though. These workshops will help you grow in wisdom, and help you to start enjoying life far more. If you don't do it for yourself, then give those closest to you a break and do it for them!

Contact Matt for details of the next workshops. 

M: (+61) 0434 56 33 96