Human beings are motivated in large part by opportunities for growth and learning. So the work environment or organisation that provides such opportunities, through stimulating and relevant training, will benefit from more engaged staff and lower turnover. However, it can’t be like a return to school! If the training is of a low standard, or self serving, it can be seen as patronising and will have the opposite effect.

Matt is an engaging and experienced trainer and he infuses his sessions with humour, a deep understanding of human behaviour, and a sincere wish to bring out the best in people. There is no other reason for getting in front of a room.

If you are looking to deliver worthwhile, effective training that brings about sustainable behavioural change, then speak to Matt about a customised training solution, or to deliver one of these workshops.

Matt’s key areas of expertise are in: productivity, attention mastery, mindfulness in action, conflict management and transformation, influential communication, and great decision making.    

Contact Matt to discuss your specific training needs.

m: (+61) 0434 56 33 96