So what's the problem? 

Whether in the workplace, the home, shopping malls or pubs, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that we aren't getting happier!

Our leaders are finding it harder, our workplaces are killing us, and in many households it just feels like an ongoing struggle.

This situation is unsustainable, but who's going to change it?

Scientists can work out what makes us tick.

Economists can tell us how they think we should use things.

Business leaders can maximise shareholder value (sometimes).

Our politicians try to tell us how to behave (leading by example?).

But none of these give us purpose. None of these get us enthused or feeling alive and motivated.

Bring on the Philosophers. Not the dry intellectuals, but the people who have devoted their lives to the important questions: What makes a good life? What am I here for? What does it all mean? How can I be Happy?

At Incorporate Wisdom we apply lessons learned from ancient and modern philosophy to help you grow in wisdom. The wisdom to help face all of life's ups and downs with confidence and strength. To work happily at your full capacity and to achieve your full potential.

This approach takes the agitation, stress and doubt away and allows you to perform at your full potential in every aspect of your business and your life.