Strengthen your Attention

There's simply no arguing the point any more.

Our world (particularly the well-to-do Western corner of it that most of you occupy) has become busier, more complex, highly competitive and very, very full of distractions.  

The competition for our attention has dramatically increased and many are feeling overwhelmed as a result. It’s no wonder really. When our attention is scattered or divided (think multi-tasking for example) productivity, creativity, quality of work, quality of life, our relationships and our well being are all compromised.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to regain control. 
It's our attention that’s under assault, so it’s our attention we need to fortify.

The processes are simple, readily accessible, proven, almost cost free and right in front of us. So obvious in fact that we dismiss them and look for more complex solutions, believing that the solutions to big problems must themselves be big. This is not the case!

Mindfulness exercises strengthen our ability to attend. With regular practice they fortify us against the onslaughts of the busy world and allow us to operate more effectively on our own terms. 

So if you haven't already done so, look into the benefits mindfulness has to offer.  

Whether for personal reasons, or to improve the performance and well being of the organisation or team you're responsible for, start investing in the most powerful and perhaps least appreciated resource there is: Attention.