What's your Attention Really Worth? Part 2 - Paying Attention Pays!

What are you actually rewarded for in life? 

Whether at work, at play, or just hanging out with family or friends - is it your time, or your effort, or your attention for which you’re valued? 

Some act as though it’s just their time. Clocking on and off without achieving much and hoping no one will notice. If you know someone who spends time this way then beware – it isn’t sustainable and they’ll end up unhappy, unfulfilled and certainly unproductive.

Some act as though it’s just their effort. Going through the motions while allowing their attention to stray from the task at hand. If you know someone who operates this way then take care - they‘re probably making more mistakes than necessary and might even be dangerous to be around.

Clearly, neither time nor effort matter much without the supporting power of attention. If effort’s required to get results, effort with attention gets quality ones. If time’s required to get things done, time with attention gets them done more effectively. If people really need you, spending time without giving them your attention is no substitute. 

People can tell when we’re paying attention.

They know if we’re attending to our work by the quality of our results, and they certainly know if we’re giving them our attention by the quality of our interaction.

So whatever you’re doing - from ditch digging to number crunching, from managing customers to parenting - give it your full attention. 

Don’t be surprised when the rewards start to flow!