Why do you get paid?

Do you really know what you do to earn your living?

Not your job description (I know you could repeat that) but the overall value your efforts deliver. The big picture! 

Just as the price we pay for goods should reflect the value they provide, the wages we receive, in whatever form, should reflect the value our efforts provide. But don't stop at the value provided to your "employer", what's the value provided to society as a whole?

  • Do you run a profitable bank, or generate wealth for the whole economy?
  • Service cars, or keep people safer on our roads?
  • Audit companies, or improve security for investors?
  • Produce food, or provide nourishment for the world? 
  • Sell stuff, or enhance your customers' quality of life? 

It might be worth checking this out for yourself. If it does take some thought to find the "higher purpose" in your work, so much the better. 

When you know the ultimate value of your contribution the work becomes more enjoyable. Your attention flows more easily, the quality rises, and who knows, you may even end up being more richly rewarded. (Over time at least). 

So let me ask again. What do you do to earn your living?



PS: Please feel free to reply and share your new job description with me. If you're having trouble finding the higher purpose in your work let me know as well. I'd love to help you out