It's Busyness Time

Welcome to Summer (in Australia, at least)

Or should I say welcome to the Silly Season? 

December's fun, but it also means more to do with fewer productive days to do it in. Often we pay for that with increased stress, reduced fitness, even poor health. By the time we sit down for the Christmas feast with the extended family, we’re tired. Patience is tested, nerves are frayed, and those buttons get pressed a little more easily. We’ve all seen the result!

So this December, why not try approaching it a little differently?

In the rush to get more done, set some time aside to do nothing.

Sounds crazy, I know, but this is a proven strategy.

Several times a day, stop whatever you’re doing and focus on your breathing for just a couple of minutes. Even one minute at a time would help. Simply notice the touch of the breath as it passes in and out of the nostrils, and allow that restless mind to rest.*

With a little practice you’ll find this clears your mind, gets you off the treadmill for a moment, and allows you to give your full attention to the task at hand. It’s subtle, but it is powerful.

You can still do it all if you choose, just choose to do it more effectively.

Best wishes,


* Your mind will try to resist this. Like a child that doesn’t want to go to sleep even though they’re tired. Don’t argue with it. That’s what it wants. You won’t win, it won’t agree with you, and the fight will escalate. Just acknowledge it and keep returning your attention to your breath.