10 Good Reasons to Pay Attention

Have you ever felt the need to pay more attention, or wished those around you would use that power more effectively?

A great many times I’m guessing - and it’ll probably happen again. 

However, in our increasingly distracting environment that can be difficult to do without a compelling reason. 

So here are 10 good reasons that you can keep in reserve and draw on the next time you need (or want others) to pay more attention: 


  1. You will be more productive
  2. Work will be more enjoyable
  3. You’ll become more attractive - especially to clients and prospects
  4. People will respect you more
  5. People will appreciate you more
  6. You’ll be happier
  7. Food will taste better - and you’ll probably eat less of it
  8. People will think you’re more intelligent - with good reason
  9. You'll have more energy*  
  10. You will be more productive** 

Practice paying more attention to the things you need to do today - before someone else “gently reminds” you to do so.

Take note how many of these benefits are enjoyed. This just might encourage you to invoke the full power of attention in the future.

* Real attention shouldn’t have to be forced. When operating properly it flows and seems to produce energy, not drain it. 
** Yes – I am repeating myself because this is really important