"Unwillingness. Disinclination. Lack of enthusiasm."

No doubt there are some things we should feel reluctant about. That feeling may prevent us from doing something with consequences we'll regret. 

However, it’s a pretty unsatisfactory feeling to have towards those things that need doing; that difficult conversation, the sales calls, the tax return, even unstacking the dishwasher. 

Not only does reluctance take the joy out of things, it makes them more difficult, reduces their quality and infects all the people involved with the same negative energy.

So what are we focussing on when we’re feeling reluctant? Probably not the purpose of the task - the real reason it needs doing. Our minds are full of thoughts something like these:

•    I’d rather be…….
•    They’ll think I’m…….
•    It’s not my job.
•    I shouldn’t have to…….
•    It’s not fair.

When this is seen there’s a clear choice: entertain those thoughts as if they are true, or remind yourself why the task needs doing and who will benefit. If the purpose is clear the reluctance tends to subside. If the benefit will be felt by others, so much the better!

If you’re a leader and the people you’re responsible for show reluctance to do the things you need them to do, then maybe their attention hasn’t been drawn to the real purpose. 

If you can help them become more mindful of that, then I reckon your life, and theirs, will become much easier.